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 Tokyo Prose Interview (Organic)

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BeitragThema: Tokyo Prose Interview (Organic)   Mo Mai 23 2011, 05:46

Zitat :
They may not be from Japan, or have anything to do with spoken language, but Tokyo Prose are absolutely killing it at the moment. With a debut EP on Samurai and dj support from Presha, Calibre and Marcus Intalex, we thought it was time to get to know New Zealand’s finest…

Tokyo Prose is a name that may be unfamiliar to many at the moment but all of that is set to change with the release of your debut EP on Samurai Red Seal. With both of you hailing from Auckland NZ the link up with Samurai seems a logical one but you can you explain to us how it all came about and what the writing experience was like? Is there a track that you are particularly proud of?

We had been writing tunes individually for a short while when we decided to combine forces. It was a very natural move as we were both interested in the same sounds and were wanting to head in the same direction with our music....

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BeitragThema: Re: Tokyo Prose Interview (Organic)   Mo Mai 23 2011, 06:34

tokyo prose find ik jut - die haben auch den letzten samurai podcast fabriziert:

01. Fathom Audio - Clear the Mist [???]
02. Eastcolors - Dreamer [???]
03. DBR - Above the Slums feat MC Fokus [Blackout]
04. Heavy1 - Millers [Samurai Music]
05. Need for Mirrors - Fishscale [Samurai Red Seal]
06. Data - Sentinel [Horizons]
07. ASC - Zone 1 [Samurai Red Seal]
08. Heavy1 - Xiphantinus (Lenzman Remix) [Demand]
09. Command Strange - Pushed [Fokus]
10. Tokyo Prose - Derringer [???]
11. Eastcolors - Acidized [Samurai Music]
12. Noel - The World [???]
13. Nymfo & Menace - Drunk Funk [Samurai Music]
14. Spectrasoul - Stutter [???]
15. Lynx - Chess Funk [Detail]
16. LSB - 11th Groove [DSM]
17. Tokyo Prose & Phil Tangent - Parity [???]
18. Def Synthetic - Sine Qua None [???]
19. Mercy - Looking Out [???]
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Tokyo Prose Interview (Organic)
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