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 New EP by Rune + Kaiza on T3K Recordings

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BeitragThema: New EP by Rune + Kaiza on T3K Recordings   Mo Mai 26 2014, 07:14

This is the first EP by Rune and Kaiza from
Germany featuring two laid back neofunk
rollers that fit quite good to the new
The guys recently released stuff on Citrus
Recordings, Syndrome Audio, Disturbed
Recordings, Melting Pot Spain and Maztek`s
Subculture Music and also got signed on
Broken Audio UK. So, T3K Recordings as the
very own label of Kaiza himself is proud to
not stand behind and bring some fresh funk
to all those headnodders...


Of course you can browse the following links to check out T3K Recordings on various platforms.

Homepage (click on icon):

Get some merch or shirts (click on icon):

Check out digital releases and mp3 shops (click on icon):

Follow the label and its artists on social networks and music platforms (click on icon):

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New EP by Rune + Kaiza on T3K Recordings
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