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 New EPs by Budoka + Malice and Isee + Hoob incl FREE Download (T3K)

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BeitragThema: New EPs by Budoka + Malice and Isee + Hoob incl FREE Download (T3K)   So Feb 02 2014, 04:22

T3K gives out another tune by Polarity for free!
It is a re-release, again taken from his soundcloud
with his permission. This time the track is more deep
but nevertheless pounding and made for the dancefloor.
Mister Polarity knows how to twist the knobs...


It is about time that Budoka and Malice release
on T3K Recordings. Both brothers are no newcomers
to dnb although too unknown until now. They have
more than ten years of dnb addiction behind them
and so the blood of a freak is for sure running
through their venes. Some of you may know them
from releases on Tilt-Recordings.
They have a deep passion for finetuned neurofunk
and so they showcase their skills with these two
pieces of electronic drum & bass music...


It is time to present two very sympathic
and underrated producers to all lovers of
neurofunked music. Hailing from Vienna,
Austria`s capital of funk, Isee and Hoob
improved their skills over the past months
and have quite a solid way to realize unique
ideas. In consequence, these four quality
tracks and their intensity push you against
the wall and hold you without letting go.


Of course you can browse the following links to check out T3K Recordings on various platforms.

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New EPs by Budoka + Malice and Isee + Hoob incl FREE Download (T3K)
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