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 New Release by Jumpat, Kaiza and Bassrk incl FREE Download (T3K)

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BeitragThema: New Release by Jumpat, Kaiza and Bassrk incl FREE Download (T3K)   Mi Jan 15 2014, 08:53

T3K gives out a smooth tune by Epidemic for free!
This guy from Leipzig, Germany is a very interesting
and good example for the now emerging next generation
of dnb artists. Besides the already existing releases
(check his release on Trust In Music, Berlin for example)
you can expect more deep but funk driven excellent
stuff from him on T3K Recordings in the near future.
Please also make sure to check the "Blackbyrds EP"
by Jumpat, Kaiza and Bassrk in all mp3 shops now.


T3K Recordings is starting the new year with
two massive collaborations. Both show the new
path of the label and its releases. So, this
EP contains the first work by labelowner Kaiza
and his "teacher" Bassrk plus the return of
Jumpat and his reduced and funky allures. Get
on it and enjoy the package, you wont regret!


T3K-BOX001 "T3KNOLOGY Volume One"

T3K Recordings presents "T3KNOLOGY Volume One"
in form of a very special release. It is a solid
metal box that contains visual art,
musical modes and man-made technology:
the box will include two different stickers of T3K
Recordings artwork by PROTON KID previously unavailable,
the infamous "T3KNOLOGY-Calculator" and it will feature
a highly limited compilation of tracks from the past
which are the essence of the first three waves of
publications on T3K Recordings according to those
who are behind the label. However, this simply
reflects the personal taste and thus it is
impossible to feature all releases. Some sort
of selection process was needed, and so tracks by
Sunchase, Forbidden Society, Mefjus, Fragz, C.A.2K,
Peter Kurten, D-Struct, Brain Crisis and others are
not included.
But "T3KNOLOGY Volume One" features thirty
tracks by the following artists: Isotop, Shots,
Kaiza, The Sickbrotherz, Proton Kid, Kriotek, Eiton,
Human Error aka T-Psy and Sinecore, Air J, Triamer,
Hostage, Gorebug, Dysphory, Bioforms, Ogonek, Vidual,
Effect, Multiprogramm aka Nagato and Big-Head, Impeh,
Circular Discharge, Acid_Lab and The Bitrebelz...

The metal box is very limited and will be shipped
worldwide for 10 EUR plus shipping costs
depending on destination.

Just drop us a message via facebook/twitter/soundcloud
or use the contact form on our website to get this
very special and rather limited release.
Be aware: there are only a few left. First come, first

Of course you can browse the following links to check out T3K Recordings on various platforms.

Homepage (click on icon):

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New Release by Jumpat, Kaiza and Bassrk incl FREE Download (T3K)
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