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 Evocativ - Flaneur EP // Absys Records

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BeitragThema: Evocativ - Flaneur EP // Absys Records   Mo Dez 30 2013, 10:49

    Absys Records present 7th digital release
    Release date : 23rd December 2013

    Refresh and spootlight on Absys Digital, where we present fourtrack EP brought by rookies Evocativ. Hailing from chilly areas of Estonia and Finland, Mark and Roman are definetely going to warm our hearts during long winter that is approaching very fast.

    Starting off with "Lixir", we can easily set our minds in the mood that will last until the final tone of full EP. Intense warmth of melodies, beautiful piano pads, tranquility which is provided by accurately programmed beats move us straight to some blissful place somewhere well above the ground, or perhaps our comfortbable and cosy bedroom. Tracks are kept in the very similar atmosphere, awarding the feeling that is very hard to drop, and majority of fragile listeners will only regret that this release is only an EP.

    A R T I S T S




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Evocativ - Flaneur EP // Absys Records
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