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 DISTTLPCD001 – Dispatch Recordings ‘Transit 2’

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BeitragThema: DISTTLPCD001 – Dispatch Recordings ‘Transit 2’    Di Nov 12 2013, 22:23

Available at Surus here (also includes 2 extra DLR bonus tracks):…nsit-2-23311.aspx

DISTTLPCD001 – Dispatch Recordings ‘Transit 2’ Full Album, digital & CD formats

Amoss ft. MC Fokus | 1. The Shapeshifter (Skeptical Remix)
Hybris, Quadrant, D-Struct & Iris | 2. Graphene
Halogenix | 3. Raya VIP
Optiv & CZA | 4. Sight Unseen
Safire | 5. Power of Thought
Sleeper | 6. Trojan
Gamma | 7. If U Go Away
Silent Witness | 8. Ballistix
DLR | 9. 8 Bits of 16 (ft. Kyza)
Mindmapper & Fre4knc | 10. Apparatus
EBK | 11. Strength
Survival & Silent Witness | 12. Paddy
Bredren & Tom Small | 13. Sixth Sense
Hydro, War & Mateba | 14. Entropy
DLR | ##. 8 Bits of 16 (Dub Mix) [Digital excl]
DLR | ##. Pain [Limited release exclusive]

Release Date | 11/11/2013

Ant TC1 is proud to present Transit 2 - a carefully selected palette of pure, technical drum & bass from producers across the globe and the latest various artists’ compilation from Dispatch Recordings.

Two years have flown by since the seminal Transit One album was dropped to critical acclaim and supported so universally across the board. The up & comers from our last project have since blossomed into today’s key tastemakers, paving the way for a wave of fresh new talent.

With the “Transit” series Dispatch Recordings strives to showcase the most exciting new talents alongside the established label favourites. When faced with such a vast body of music from both previous contributors and newcomers to the label, the project quickly began to take shape and we knew the time was right to bring to you this second chapter.

With a variety of tracks stretching right across the spectrum, the album reaches into a number of alternative vibes and tempos without compromising on the Dispatch quality. From the cool and callous “Apparatus” of Mindmapper & Fre4knc to the colossal beast that is Survival & Silent Witness’ “Paddy”, Transit 2 provides an assortment of technical brilliance over just one album.

Other tracks dip in and out of the dance-floor mould to provide a real contrast and depth to the project, making this complete package such an essential catalogue of future beats. Gamma’s deep & abstract “If U Go Away” takes the album down to a more experimental level and the heavily techno influenced, 4x4 stabs of Sleeper’s “Trojan” switches up the styles.

We are fortunate to have so much great talent presenting incredible productions on such a frequent basis. We're proud to offer a complete picture of the label’s current sound with this album.

Thanks for listening.

Dispatch 2013

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DISTTLPCD001 – Dispatch Recordings ‘Transit 2’
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