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 The Upbeats European Tour – February 2011

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You’d think most people would get bored of visiting the same continent after the 6th or 7th time but when you have got as strong following as The Upbeats do in Europe, its like visiting a second home. Touring for the best part of 4 years, the killer Kiwi’s have built up a reputation of delivering not only some of the scenes most interesting music but also possessing the skills behind the wheels to give any party a right good seeing too! They have been included on some of Europes most memorable line ups playing along side all their fellow industry big hitters with club appearances ranging from Matter and Fabric in London to the seminal Garagem in Porto and Dkay’s ‘Flex’ in Vienna.

2011 sees the return of the ‘likely lads’ from the 7th – 25th February. Should you have any openings over this period please contact: or

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evtl interessant für veranstalter hier

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The Upbeats European Tour – February 2011
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